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  1. We are considering trading in our class C Omni XG32 for a class A Berkshire XL 37A. Any thoughts specifically about the Berkshire, positive or negative? Thanks in advance.
  2. We have a new 2022 Omni XG32. We added our rig to our SiriusXM radio account. The XM radio channels appear on the radio screen but they won’t play. We get an error message “satellite antenna fault” on the screen. SiriusXM tried refreshing but that didn’t work. Also, our onboard navigation system has us nowhere near where we are. On latest trip it had us in another part of the state and driving through a lake. Guessing that has something to do with the satellite issue also. Any Omni/Magnitude owners out there who have dealt with this and had it resolved. I’ve called both our RV dealer and Ford but they’re pointing fingers at each other at this point. Hoping to get a quick answer from someone who’s dealt with this.
  3. Is anyone flat towing a 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited? I’m installing the RVi3 brake system and learned that I will need to install a 12v battery direct kit and a towed battery disconnect. This Jeep’s battery is located under the front passenger seat. Can anyone share their experience with this brake system, Jeep and set up? FYI, we are new to the RV scene and recently bought our first RV, a Thor class C Omni XG32. Love it and look forward to new adventures. Thanks! Ralph and Pearl
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