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  1. Another rookie question. I need to remove the exterior rear light cover (a single long cover for 4 lights) on my 2006 Roadtrek so that I can access the running light wires to wire a new back up camera. There are no screws outside and I don't see a path inside the van. Anybody know how to remove the exterior rear light cover?? Thanks.
  2. Hello. Just got a 2006 Roadtrek Adventurous RS RV (my first) and need to replace the broken original hard-wired unit mounted at the top of the rear section. Would like to use a wireless system and not have to re-create much as regards to existing location, brackets, or possibly even monitor. I like the look of the Rohent R9 HD DVR digital wireless system. Anybody used it and care to share opinions? Am I likely to be able to mount it on the original mount or need to create a new one? If the latter, any hints or things to be especially careful of? Also, must I use the new monitor that came with the system or can I somehow hook up to the pioneer screen that was part of the original nav system/backup camera system (the nav system is also broken but I don't really need it....). Thanks for any advice. Thanks Michael
  3. Hello all. First post from a RV "newbie". Just got a 2006 Roadtrek Adventurous RS. Loving it. She has 30 amp service and I want to run an extension cord from my garage to the RV. 1) Do I need a 30 amp capacity extension cord? Or just any exterior extension cord? 2) I have standard 120V service in my home. Do I need an electrician to create a 30 amp outlet just for the RV or can I go directly from my 120V home service to the 30 amp RV service? Thanks for any advice. Michael
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