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  1. We use it and we like it. The issue for travelers is you have to login at your "home" area every 3 months or lose access. You can change your home area only 2 times each year. There is a solution: Change your home location after 3 months. After 6 months cancel the membership. The next day, sign up with the same account. You'll get your library recordings back but you'll have to select your channel list all over again.
  2. We're having a hard time finding what we want where we want it. We want to get any annual lease so we'll have a consistent base to use, spring and fall, and travel summer and winter. The problems seems to be that there isn't any "Zillow" for RV lots (+rental, +sqft +location +price +amenities; >search). We would really liked southern Ohio or northwest North Carolina, but after oh so many hours we're still stumped. Any ideas?
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