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  1. THANKS everyone! I appreciate the answers, experience and suggestions. Heres the update: We live on the SE coast of Florida and for years before RV’ing drove to NC mountains. So we did that again, while home low temps were around 75, the NC mountains were around 55! So that worked out. Thank you for the mountain driving tips, we have the 3000 Allison and going up gave me a chance to learn it. Florida being mostly flat and all. Had a great trip, toured Savannah on the way up which was not too hot, stayed at a great campground/horse farm/wedding destination. And a remote lake at Lake Greenwood. Thank you all!
  2. Hello everyone, We are trying to get out of the Florida Heat and wondered if you can recommend anywhere in Ga or NC or nearby that is cooler at least at night. I imagine this is related to altitude but unsure of where that cool line starts in the mountains. Also first time driving in mountains as I was born a ‘flatlander’. KSDP 3412 with Jeep toad thank you
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