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  1. Thanx Wolfe, Will try the carfax, no eng hour meter but the genset hour meter is 260hrs. I believe the dealer got the unit at a Fl. auction so I doubt I will get a previous owner unless the carfax turns one up. I am looking for a lawyer in Ky. to get some legal standing before I open the door to what will probably be a not pleasant discussion with the dealer.
  2. Dealer Mileage Fraud question. We bought our used class A coach a month ago in Kentucky. It was advertised as being in "Great Cond" with mileage stated as 70,000. Picked it up, the (odometer read 70K), and headed west for the summer. Yesterday in Arizona I hit the trip counter to zero it and run a fuel consumption check and low and behold it scrolls thru to a mileage number of 120,000 !! 50k more than the dealer claimed and put on the bill of sale and extended service plan app. Now we have a unit with almost double the mileage we thought and fraudulent mileage shown not only on the vehicle registration title, but also on the service contract (I'm sure that the contract is now useless) . Anybody got any advise ??
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