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  1. Instrument lighting on Ford E450 chassis is totally inadequate. I cannot read any of the instruments on a sunny day when wearing sunglasses. It makes no improvement turning on the headlights. The instrrument rheostat is turned to max. The Ford dealer sez the instuments use LED lights that are nor replaceable. Anyone have this problem and come up with a solution other than taping a flash light on the instrument cluster?🤥
  2. So I have completed having an RV Specialty shop install the Demco Stay In Play braking system on our 2 022 GMC Canyon to flat tow it. The installer has completed the installation of about 200 of these systems on various make vehicles. He does not understand the towing instructions in the GMC Owners manual as he confirmed there is NO steering lock. He tried to contact GMC for clarification but was not successful. He therefor installed a battery disconnect switch under the hood. He instructed me to leave the ignition key in the accessory position and to disconnect the battery as per GMC directions when flat towing. He did not understand the logic but told me to follow the directions so as not to void the GMC warranty in case of a problem. The Concord flat tows the Canyon with little effort. They did install a 2 inch drop down stinger in the Concord receiver to level the tow bars.
  3. We have a 2022 GMC Canyon two weeks old and are plannig to flat tow it. I also got hung up on the language in the manual. So I tested the steering with the key removed from the ignition. The wheels turn lock to lock without locking the steering wheel. So why bother with leaving the key in the ignition turned to accessory? I called the service dept of the GMC selling dealer and they had no advice. This being the case I plan to tow without the key.
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