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  1. The small antenna is/was on top of the RV. It gave me an overall height of around 13'.
  2. I have seen quite a few comments about the 12'8" tunnel on Skyline Drive and whether it would be safe to pass with an RV over 12 feet tall. I am 12'2" and just did it and it was not a problem. I thought my 13' CB antenna might be close but it was not a problem. But that's the real problem. It was knocked off by low hanging trees along both the Blue Ridge and Skyline Drive. There were at least ten to fifteen places on either parkway where the limbs were down to 10 1/2 to 11 feet. It damaged my TV antenna and beat the coach roof from one end to the other - primarily on the right side but some hit the left as well. I would warn all tall RV's to consider another route. I notified the rangers but they seemed surprised. I recommend that anyone using these routes keep the forum updated on conditions.
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