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  1. Has anyone tried ecofins or airtabs on their motor home? These have been around for a while, and are supposed to help re-direct the airflow at the back of the motor home and vacuum created. They supposedly help in cross winds and reduce fuel usage by a small amount.
  2. Bought a 2014 Jeep Cherokee earlier this year with intentions of flat towing it. Dealer was aware of intended use. Found out on our own that an accessory kit part #6832142AA is required to avoid the "death wobble" that we have read about since researching how to tow the vehicle. Have contacted several (six or more) people on the phone at FCA and all have no knowledge of what I am talking about. I refer them to the part number and even service bulletin 08-022-16, and even had one of them tell me that it was referring to the vehicle being towed behind a tow truck. These people have been no help at all. I just sent a letter to Jeep customer service to see if there is any help there with the costs associated with the part or installation since they are aware they have a problem and created this part and do not make it readily known that such a thing exists. Anyone had better luck?
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