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  1. Got some good news today the ticket worked, they responded today. Okay so the mistake I made was I picked the plan and de-selected moxie hotspot before purchase. So my thought was that by unchecking that box that they would send the SIM without the hotspot. Well by unchecking it, you pay for everything, but don't get anything. So if someone reads this in the future don't uncheck that box.
  2. Just a quick update I put in a ticket today after calling and it said that it was better to email or create a ticket. I have both now. Really hoping that things slow down a bit for them, I was hoping to get this taken care of before my next bill.
  3. That is good to know thanks for posting an update after you got it working.
  4. Thanks, I am new so working on contacting them. I will try calling. Well shoot that would be my guess of why they haven't responded to emails yet. Makes sense they were busy. Dang wish I would have joined sooner I could have gone I am in Iowa so wouldn't have been too far.
  5. Yeah I hope not, well they haven't emailed be back yet so not sure. The plan was use the Moxie to make sure it works then swap it over. The site says that you need to email them to make the change. I asked my local store what is up with that and they said with the business accounts that they are using that the owner has to request the change and provide the IMEI. Just waiting on the first email so I can get this figure out a bit, also I have account with the top 4 shipping companies so been watching them for any packages being shipped so when they ship it I will get an alert as long as it ships with a shipping company that I have an account with.
  6. Just checking in on the process, I signed up for FMCA and Tech Connect last week Monday the 29th and haven't received anything yet after sending them an email upon signing up. I asked if they could send me a tracking number and then also asked about using my own device giving them the IMEI number so they can assign the SIM to my device. I figure would be good to get that taken care of right away. Well I don't know how it normally works though so I don't want to get ahead of myself here either. Can someone please explain their experience with it all so I have a general guess of the time frame it takes. Thank you for any response I am in no hurry and not stressed over any of it it a holiday weekend now so I don't expect the TechConnect folks to be working on this until after the holiday. I am just excited to get this setup. I am okay for now I have a AT&T hotspot plan for a Netgear M6 Pro that I recently purchased I just want to get swapped over. I use the hotspot for work so think the new plan will be ideal for my setup.
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