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  1. Ok I have a little more info. I remove the positive and negative cables and the overload bottom doesn’t trip. I measured output with no cables and it’s 14.5 volts. However, when I try to hook the cables up there is a dead short and a loud humming and then the breaker trips. all my batteries are new, it was doing this before i replaced all of them.
  2. I didn't know that was blocked, I think I haven't actually set that up on my profile. I am in Oklahoma.
  3. Hello all, i have a 04 discovery with a Xantrex 458 inverter. my house batteries will not charge while plugged in but they do charge while the engine is running. my inverter trips the 25 amp surge protector regardless if i am on shore power or gen power. my batteries are new and work fine and charge fine, they just eventually go down when im plugged into shore power. when i press the surge protector in button in there is a very loud humming noise which i assume is the transfer switch under the bed in the coach. I am guessing the problem is either the inverter is bad ro the transfer switch is bad, any advice on where to start? Thanks
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