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  1. We have a 2005 National RV Tropi-Cal that we bought last October and titled it under our newly formed Montana LLC. All has been good until last Thursday when the Director of Department of Revenue saw my coach in the driveway on his way to a state park meeting and came up to me. He identified himself and said that even though I had titled my coach in Montana it didn't excuse me from paying "Use Tax and Personal Property Tax." He was very nice about it, but I didn't give him my name. I gave him the name of the firm that set up my LLC, Deer Creek Corp Services. He told me they had no idea the scope of people setting up LLCs to avoid tax and they are targeting them as they find coaches with MT plates. Yesterday I received a letter from the state identifying me as the owner of this coach with the MT plate number and asking me for copies of the bill of sale, amount, dates, etc. Deer Creek says to just tell them I am not the owner and let them run the game of trying to find me. I am not interested in getting into a pissing contest with the state of KY and wanted to get some input from the FMCA members. Does anyone have any direct experience or expertise regarding these LLCs? I have to reply to this in a few days, so a quick responce is appreciated. I could use some objective advice. Regards, Michael Swinea FMCA # F410336 615-394-6841
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