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  1. I finally heard back from them, and they are full up but i am on her list. I did look at a piece of property, however, and may go the route of purchasing a small piece of property to put my camper on. I would prep it for a second or even third camper to be able to rent out space for travelers. When i talked to the lady there, she only asked how long my camper was, that was it. I am not sure where i read the age restricted part, to be honest, but i do remember reading it.
  2. I have a cyclone 4200 I have called Salem Village, I do need to try them again. A few things I saw in my initial research told me it was age restricted, so i didn't check it first, but i have been told that isn't true. I will try them again today. I will also give Mc Farland RV park a call. Thank you! I am hoping to make it out that way sometime! I am a helicopter pilot so I follow the work!
  3. I am about to start the full time thing, I started a job outside Roanoak, VA and am having a difficult time finding a place to park my camper let alone a place with hookups. I could dry camp if I had to but it would probably get old quick ferrying fuel and water regularly. I am going to reach out to a real estate agent about finding some rental property that may have an existing pad with hookups on it for rent/lease but I am thinking that might be a long shot. what tips, tricks, suggestions do you have? I have called around to all the campgrounds I can find and I am at an hour away from where i work with no luck. I am fairly flexible, just still very new and figuring things out.
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