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  1. We are towing a 2021 Chevrolet Traverse with the Demco Air Force One system. We had 11 months and thousands of miles of travel without any issues. We now have two issues: 1. Recently our Traverse sporadically shuts off (completely – not just the engine) when we come to a stop and the Auto Stop system shuts the engine off. We then have trouble starting the car again. Sometimes after a couple of tries it starts again. Often when this happens we must open the hood and disconnect the battery using the Positive Terminal Cut Off/On switch installed to turn off the battery power during towing. 2. At times we try to start the car after it has been turned off during normal operation, and it again will not start right of way, and we have to turn the Cut Off Switch Off and On to be able to start the car. The Chevrolet dealers will not work on the car to find the problem because of the installed Air Force One (After Market) system. The Air Force One customer people tell us it “definitely is not their system causing the problem”. After much research we do not have an answer to the problem, but are suspicious that the CCA 730 battery in the 2021 Traverse needs to be replaced with a higher CCA battery (say CAA 850) that can retain start up power better. Any comments and suggestions are most welcome.
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