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  1. I had an awful experience with RV Driving School. It was the worst I’ve had in my 3 years as a RV’r. I will do my best to fairly and honestly describe what happened below: Accident/Vehicle Damage - We were back in parking at Burr Oak State Park. Instructor was directing from the co-pilot seat. I followed his directions perfectly and it led to an accident. The front end and driver side panels are cracked and bent. Communication - Instructor left his hearing aids at home and had an extremely difficult time hearing us. After the accident, the instructor mentioned he was struggling with some kind of head injury. I understand being chatty but 85% of our time together involved the Instructor droning on about his personal life. Curriculum - I feel like a thoughtful agenda with some cone work, verbal training and even written materials would be helpful. Instead, I was greeted with “Show up around 10:30 and I’ll take you trough purgatory then ****. As long as you do what I say we’ll be okay.” The instructor also asked multiple times if we wanted to squeeze the training into a half day. After 15 minutes driving around Walmart we drove 1.5 hours to the campground where the accident occurred. This doesn’t seem like a thoughtful use of time/gas. I have to believe there are closer areas to learn how to turn & back up. Cover Up - After the accident we asked to end the day and go home. The instructor said he was going to tell the company he had to cancel the training for a health issue. He said he was doing this so that our fee would be refunded. I told him I’d like to tell RV Driving School about the accident and he discouraged me from doing so. This was my only experience and it may just have been a single instructor issue. The owner of RV Driving School did follow up with me. He was nice and heard me out and then told me about how great the company is. At the end of the day, I invested time and money into becoming a safer more confident RV operator. What I got was extensive damage to my coach, very little education and lies.
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