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  1. Thank you so much. Very helpful. I will do these things and let you know how it goes.
  2. Great suggestions - and thank you all for replying. The curb weight of the F-150 is right about 4800 lbs and the length of the RV is 25 feet. Wilde - I will definitely do that search.
  3. Thanks Wilde .... I did weight the RV .... Steer Axle 4020 lbs, Drive Axle 8880 lbs, Gross Weight 12,900 lbs. I guess I should weight the truck as well. I was thinking a beefier rear stabilizer, sway, and shocks might help. Thanks for the guidance.
  4. Thank you. This is great information. I have thought about several of these items. The tow bar is mostly level and I rarely travel full tanks. In most cases I travel with 3/4 full fresh water, but empty black and gray tank. When I purchased the RV .... I did get a full front end alignment. This made a huge difference in steering and managing the RV on the road. It actually made driving the RV rather enjoyable except when I was flat towing the truck. When I have the truck hooked up to the RV ... I can generally get to about 50 mph without too much trouble. Any higher than this and I begin to feel a sway in the back. The sway is limited, but it makes me nervous and I am thinking this should not be happening. I cannot imagine towing the truck for 300-400 miles or more with that sway. This is the reason why I posted here thinking maybe there are other options. I have seen plenty of class C RVs towing a lot more weight than I am flat towing. Anyway - I appreciate all the advice and help so far.
  5. Thank you for your reply. Definitely sound advice. I agree the length of the truck is most likely the issue - more than anything else. I have considered trading for a jeep. So from your perspective, beefing up the rear suspension is not going to make a difference? Thanks again!
  6. Hello everyone - new to the FMCA forums (new member). I am towing a 2017 4X4 EcoBoost F-150 behind my 2018 E-450 Class C ... well - let's say I want to tow it, but the sway on the back end is pretty significant when I get up to highway speeds. My question to the group - is there a rear suspension sway bar or system I should consider installing to tow this truck or am I asking to much of the RV. The weight on the F-150 is just at 5,000 which is what the RV is rated to tow. I have a blue ox tow bar rated at 10,000. Any suggestions on how to proceed would be good. Just so you know - I have considered trading to truck for a car, but I really hate to give up my truck. Thank you. Patrick
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