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  1. Thanks bizsmith@yahoo.com for the info. I did what you suggested & all I got were the 3 responses above...
  2. Thank You...I will give Dennis Day a call!
  3. I own a 1997 Safari w/a RVA, Model JII, 3 Point Hydraulic Leveling System. After I have leveled the coach, I have noticed that one of the Rear Jacks is starting to retract (about an inch) after 5 or 6 days. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?
  4. I own a 1997 Safari Motorhome, that does not have an air system. I have been looking for a Small Compact Portable Compressor, that I can carry to air up the tires when necessary. I carry 105psi in the front tires & 100psi in the rear tires. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  5. Thanks Wolfe 10 for the info. The CAT Tech told me it was Algae. It's dark, but looks like little particles in the clear bowl under my first fuel filter. It was recommended to me to use Biobor, as it is suppose to be one of the best additives on the market to eliminate water & Contaminates in my fuel tank. The CAT Tech used Sea Foam, to clean out the tank, but I was unable to find it readily. I was able to find Pri-D, but maybe it's not doing the job. What do you think? Thanks...
  6. I have a 1997 Safari Sahara Diesel Pusher Motorhome. About a year ago I developed Algae in my fuel tank. I took it into the CAT Dealer & they drained the tank, flush it & I filled it w/new diesel. Every time I filled the tank, I also used an algae inhibitor. This worked fine for a year & I have recently noticed more algae in the clear bottom of one of the fuel filters. We are Full Timer RV'ers & usually don't stay parked for longer than a month, except during the summer, when we work kamp for 4 months. Does anyone have a permanent solution to this problem. Thanks...
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