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  1. I never thought I'd buy a Ford always went GM, but when I saw the F150 was now towable I checked it out. Fell in love with the 2013 super crew F150 4X4 and leased it. My 08 Damon Tuscany was painted with Ford paint although the color doesn't match perfectly they look great together. Towing couldn't be easier, with no apparent battery drain. I mounted my Blue Ox brackets myself with little effort. Mine has the 5.0 engine can get around 20 mpg on the hwy 16-17 in town. I strongly recommend this truck.
  2. Has anyone had a problem with a slide topper hanging up when extending their slide? I have an 2008 Damon Tuscany and the living room A E slide topper rubs on the slide, retarding the travel causing the slide to jump and jerk. I have tried spacing out the brackets with limited results. Any suggestions?
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