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    Michelin Tire Advantage Program - I have been attempting to buy 6 new 255/70R22.5 XZE tires for my Palazzo from a Florida Michelin Dealer. It appears that Michelin either has not provided information as to how the program works to there dealers or the dealers have decided not to participate but do not appear to know either way. tried for hours yesterday to contact Michelin or FMCA with lots of answering services or holding but never getting to talk to a real person. would it not make sense for Michelin to post on a website a list of Participating Dealers in each state as opposed to clients having to contact all the dealers there selves. I assume Michelin has entered into this agreement with FMCA so they can sell more tires to the RV users, why not make this program easier for us. It is not as if Michelin even at there discount pricing is the least expensive tire for RV in the market place. If I am missing something here please advise
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