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  1. All great points for me to consider. Yes, it is a Freightliner chassis, and the previous owner (unknown because I bought it used at the Rally in Gillette last summer) installed a cutoff valve in the hose to the heater. At the time, I could not figure why anyone would do that - now I know. I did not think to just check the hoses, so, thanks, that will be my next step, followed by a call to the nearest Tiffin dealer. ("hey - how the heck do ya do this....?") I have had two shops look at it and decline the work because of the complexity - at least they were honest enough to say they couldn't do the work, vice just tearing into the dashboard. And yes, we ran the heat pumps and furnace to keep warm while driving on our last trip. My question still stands - has anybody done this repair? Thanks guys! Ed
  2. I have a 2006 Allegro Bay, with the Cummins diesel up front (a "puller"). I have to change out the heater core - it leaks - and am not sure on where to start. It is winter here on the east coast and we are planning on travel in January, so it would be nice to have warm feet as we drive along. Anybody done this kind of work before? Can I get to the core from the front of the bus, or do I need to pull the whole dash (I hope not!) Thanks Ed Herbert FMCA F468022
  3. Both Check Engine light and Stop engine light came on today; I had them checked at the local Cummins/Freightliner shop and the fault codes were as follows: CM850, 0235 (red dot-active), 0197 (yellow dot-active), 2962 (yellow dot-inactive), and 2961 (yellow dot-inactive). So driving it home from the shop, it started dribbling radiator fluid out the right side of the engine. This is in a 2006 Tiffin Allegro Bay, 34', with a Cummins 300hp, engine and freightliner frame. So Before taking it back to the shop for reparis, I added water to the radiator, and in the drive to the shop, neither light came on! However, it has a pretty good leak in the cooling system on the passenger side of the engine. So maybe, the EGR isn't the culprit - maybe the temperature in the EGR is the culprit because the coolant was low. Maybe? Ed Herbert
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