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  1. Will the steady red light go off when batteries get fully charged / Xantrex RV2012GS inverter
  2. Sorry, this should not have been under electrical.
  3. Is it legal to drive motorhome with tow in Georgia HOV lanes?
  4. Tiffin said the driver side slides are electrical(switch has to be on), but passenger sides are hydrolic(they work). Just had step motor, etc. replaced and when we went to pick it up, house batteries were dead (forgot to turn off inverter) and all these things were not working(wipers, heat/air fan, camera,brake assist beeping).
  5. I have a 2010 40 ft Phaeton (Tiffin), the driver side slides, windshield wipers, rear camera, brake assist light beeping,heat and air are all not working. Can anyone tell me if it is all connected to one electrical issue?
  6. Toilet will flush and hold water when poured in, but will not fill with water with foot pedal.
  7. Also, someone mentioned the battery minder, which we do have, so how do we find out if the house batteries are actually getting charged while traveling.
  8. Thanks, we just bought this Phaeton two years ago, did not realize that the residential fridge was not factory installed. Our inverter starts beeping much sooner than six hours of driving, sometimes just about 30 minutes.
  9. 2010 Tiffin Phaeton - the inverter beeps off and on while traveling. Have residential size refrigerator. Is the engine supposed to be charging the house batteries while traveling? What could be causing the invertor to beep off and on? Batteries tested good, while stationary and not plugged into shore power.
  10. What repercussions will there be when I accidentally put about 15gals of gasoline in my diesel tank? Tank had about 1/3 of 100 gal. tank when I sstarted, realized error and finished filling up with diesel.
  11. It is a Coleman Mach in a Tiffin Phaeton It is a Coleman Mach, in a Tiffin Phaeton
  12. When using the electric furnace does the system also use some LP gas to operate?
  13. Thanks. Still having a hard time getting one screw out of cover.
  14. It makes the very loud vibrating sound with just the fan on Having hard time getting one screw out of cover
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