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  1. When we traveled in the outback with our jeeps for many years we carried a tire repairs kit and air compressor. We could actually repair most tires, at least long enough to get back to a tire service shop for permanent repairs. Not sure how tire repairs would go on a class C motorhome, but depending on the tire damage or puncture it might just be handy to have a kit. It also seems possible that you could get a mount for a rear bumper to mount a spare too. In addition, I have even seen spares mounted to RV rooftop.
  2. I'm new to this site but offer a couple of comments. We have been flat towing our jeep behind our 25 class C for several years, two things seem to cause swaying issues with the jeep behind the motorhome. Low tire pressure in the jeep or weight distribution issues in the jeep. It just seems that a higher than recommended tire pressure in the jeep pulls so much better. Just food for thought!
  3. We are in the process of evaluating road hazard assistance/service again. Had it the first year for some cross country travel, I really question doing it again. I think I will check with my insurance carrier and see what they already offer. Thanks for the posting.
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