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  1. I'm looking at all my options for new tires on my 2009 Winnebago Journey 37H I've purchased this last year with 2013 255/80-22.5 Michelin XRV tires on it now. I drove these tire not know to check age when purchased from NC to Vegas this last January. I'm looking at the (3) types of tires sold thru FMCA , Michelin, Hankook and Continental. However both Hankook and Continental only come close to the size I have now in 275/80-22.5. My question is will that size work on my coach?
  2. Thank you all and here is what happen. I'd checked everything, power to home, power from home to end of cord, Generator. NOTHING!! So I figured I'd better try and start the engine and make sure the coach starts. It started right up, so after a couple minutes I figured...try the generator again and it started. When it started everything was back to normal. Microwave, refrigerator, lighting, everything worked. So then I turned both the mention and generator off and the refer went to propane and everything looked normal. So I went back to the home plugged the cord back in plug the cord into the coach and everything worked as normal. Complete mystery to me but I'm sure someone knows how that could occur?
  3. There was a storm, heavy rain and some thunder. You think that may have caused the short out?
  4. The home plug is good and works properly, I've removed power from the coach. The coach has not 12v power nor is it displayed on any devices. So I tried to start the generator, no luck. Then I started the engine to make sure it started and it did. So then I tried the generator again and it started as well as all devises and displays. Turned off the engine and the generator and all functions were normal and illuminating. Don't have any idea what happen or why, but it appears the Refer is not running on ac only propane. So I'll need to look into that tomorrow. Only thing I can think of is (2) fans, the Refer and a battery Minder was running and must have caused the receptacle to give and caused a disconnect of everything and when the generator/engine started they may have reset things. I had checked all coach breakers and fuses...Non tripped, so I'm lost. Jack Thanks for your-all replies and help.
  5. Yes I've reset the GFIC at the house. What bothers me is I've got nothing in the coach. The refer is black and can't be set to gas, there's nothing.
  6. Just got back from a weekend trip with full connections 50amp. Reconnected to my home with 110, 20 amp for lights and refer came home to no lights elminted on my master board or anywhere else. No lights, refer, microwave, the inverter/charger quite also. Something did trip my house GFIC receptacle however resetting it didn't help get things back illuminating. Sure could use some help! Some of the fuse are out further than others but when pushed they don't go back in, so I'm not sure if they should be out like shown or not. They are flush with the housing so I think that is the correct position.
  7. wolfe10 thanks for your help.
  8. Thank you! Both the chassis and house read the same. The type of inverter/charger is Airpax Dimensions 2000 watt inverter and 100 amps, transfer rating 30 amps. There is a Electrical Management System w/smart surge protection above the inverter. I also have a Automatic Line/Generator Switch Model ATS 501 (Not sure what this does either).
  9. When I've got my 2008 Journey plugged into my 50 amp service the batteries don't seem to charge any higher than 12.8 when I check the reader on the wall of the coach. When the engine or generator is running (as it is running) it reads 14.1, what can I do to increase the charge other than connect a charger/maintainer?
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