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  1. Thanks for the thoughts. I'm trying to get more information on work. We'll see where it goes. Thanks. again. Tim
  2. Brett, Would you recommend one of these engines if the recall was completed before any issues occurred and the engine now has 47K miles on it? Or should I still be concerned? Tim
  3. jleamont, How about what manholt said? What engine make and models should I stay away from? Thanks. Tim
  4. manholt, Thanks for the info. I'll be looking for those. Tim
  5. Jleamont, Thanks for the info. Some of the nice to haves for us are the stacked W/D, what some call the HHC (Happy Hour Chair) with computer desk, and outside entertainment. Little option items, but nothing we can't do or add after purchase. As far as mechanical, I like as much engine/torque as I can get. We don't "expect" to find a coach that has everything we want, but would like to get close. We owned a 28 ft Class A Monaco Safari Trek that we sold about 4 years ago. Great for what we were using for but now we plan to travel around the US next year, after we retire, for a few years so we'll need a coach to accommodate that lifestyle. Any thoughts/suggestions are appreciated. Tim
  6. jleamont, I would prefer the unit you pictured over the two single units. Anyway, I do use the NADA Low retail value as my guide for pricing without options, base price. Are there any other useful tools/sites out there that I should consider for pricing/research. My search continues, I have a couple prospects, some offers on the table, but not accepted as of yet. We'll see what happens. I'm patient and will keep looking until we find the right floor plan and coach that will meet are needs. Meanwhile, any info/input is welcome. Thanks all for the responses. I'll keep checking back for more. Tim
  7. Bill, Thanks for the feedback. I did look at the sites that were listed above. I liked the level of detail that Motorhomes of Texas took in advertising their coaches. I also liked the one you listed. I will keep my eyes on there sites. What do think of the Newmar Ventana 4346 model? R/ Tim
  8. Hi all, I'm a newbie, and I'm looking for a good quality coach for no more than $150K. I may have a line a 2013 Newmar Ventana 4346 with low mileage. What do you all think of that model? I'm also looking at 2007 and older Country Coach and Tiffin. One of my biggest obstacles is the wife wants a stacked washer/dryer, no combo. Harder to find with the older models. Can they be converted if there's room or is it too difficult and not worth it? Any suggestions on anything, let me know. Thanks. R/ Tim
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