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  1. OK folks, I have a confusing situation. I'm not sure how this is possible, but, I have a 2006 Newmar Essex DP and when I hook up to City Water, I get no water. How I understand the water system is, when I hook up to city water, turning the pump on is not required because the pressure from the source is all I should need and the valve diverts the water past the pump. See attached picture for reference. Now for some reason, when I hook up to city water and turn the valve to City Water (Auto Override), as pictured, I get no water. To get water, I have to turn the valve to the Auto Tank Fill / Auto City Supply position and use the pump to get water from the tank while the city water fills the tank. Then if I don't watch it, it overfills the water tank and comes out the tank overflow. Can someone help me out here please. If I understand it correctly, for one, when the tank fills, there should be a auto shutoff valve to stop it from over filling and two, when I have the valve on City Supply, it should bypass the tank/pump and go straight to the sinks/showers etc. I do use a pressure regulator and keep the pressure between 40-50 psi. all the filters are brand new and I have checked all the lines for kinks. Is there a directional solenoid operated valve somewhere that may be malfunctioning that I'm overlooking? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Also, another quick item, why does my pump cycle on/off when I'm not using any water? Faulty seal in the pump that is causing it to lose pressure? I don't have any leaks that I could find in the system. Thanks. again. R/ Tim 2006 Newmar Essex Water Source Selection Valve.pdf
  2. Hey Joe, I checked out all the switches and connections and their all good. I also swapped over controllers and the problem stayed with the rear passenger slide. It just acts like the circuit isn't closing when I press the switch to power the motor. I'm going to try to find a schematic to see if there's a relay, solenoid, or ground that isn't right. Any suggestions would be great. I'll do an internet search for some schematics/drawings to see what I can trace out. If you have any ideas, let me know. Thanks for the help all. R/ Tim Solberg
  3. Thanks. I'll give it a try and see what happens. I'll get back to you.
  4. Jleamont, it does talk when you hold the button to extract/retract. Sometimes it works no problem, sometimes I have to activate the button 2 dozen times before it works. It's just the one slide, passenger side rear. It goes in/out just fine when it works. I was thinking along the same line as Herman, but the previous owner told me he had it checked out by an service center and they told him they couldn't find anything wrong. I find that hard to believe. I was thinking of swapping out the two controllers located in the mid bay just to eliminate that being the problem. Your thoughts? I posted pictures below.
  5. I have a 2006 Newmar Essex 4502 and have an intermittent problem with passenger side rear slide. When I hit the switch, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and I have to sit there and keep pressing the switch until I get it to go. Any suggestions? Thanks. Tim
  6. Wildbill, We bought it in Denver, CO. It was stored indoors since new, 21k miles and really looks like it's brand new. And like I stated earlier, it ran great on the trip home. We are very happy with the purchase. You are correct, patience and you can find the good deals. RayIN, Sounds like your friends are enjoying it. That's awesome. Susan and I hope to be doing the same thing very soon.
  7. The control monitor for the tank levels doesn't read correctly. The monitor indicates 105 gal on water no mater how much is in it, the gray and black water tanks don't read at all. I have a 2006 Newmar Essex 4502. I can't believe that all tank level indicators are bad at the same time. It reads the same on both monitors, in the cabin and in the bay compartment. Any suggestions on what to look at would be helpful. Thanks.
  8. Bill, The trip home was great. Spent the first night in Santa Fe, NM, then went on to Phoenix, AZ, then onto San Diego. Coach ran great! Everything was working. We are very pleased. Looking forward to more time with it. Thanks again for all the help! R/ Tim
  9. Hi All, Just wanted to thank everyone for the input on buying our RV. We ended up purchasing a 2006 Newmar Essex 4502 with the ISM500 Cummins and Allison 4000. We drove it 1200 miles home and are very happy with the purchase. Now to outfit and play with it before we hit the road in a couple years, or less. Again, thanks for the all the information you all provided. It was a great help. I attached a couple of pictures as well. R/ Tim & Susan
  10. Thanks for the thoughts. I'm trying to get more information on work. We'll see where it goes. Thanks. again. Tim
  11. Brett, Would you recommend one of these engines if the recall was completed before any issues occurred and the engine now has 47K miles on it? Or should I still be concerned? Tim
  12. jleamont, How about what manholt said? What engine make and models should I stay away from? Thanks. Tim
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