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  1. We have a 2013 Born Free 26' (E-450 chassis). The tires (Michelin Defender LTX LT225/75/R16) were all replaced in 2014 after the recall on that model of tire. I'm very careful to check tire pressures regularly (75 front/80 rear which is manufacturer recommendation). Weight is within manufacturer range. The tires have less than 20K miles on them (probably less than 15K but I haven't checked exactly). In June we had a blowout on the passenger rear inner tire, about 60 miles from home so I know the tire pressure was OK when we started. No chassis damage so had it towed to Discount Tire nearby, got a new tire, and continued on the trip. When we got home, I ordered a TPMS, figuring that we must have picked up a nail or other puncture causing material.In November, we had a tread separation (tire held pressure per the TPMS) on the driver's rear outer dual on the way home from a trip - fortunately within 20 miles of home which made the logistics easier. Discount Tire inspected all of the tires and found no issues. It did do some body damage which I'm now working with insurance to repair, At this point I've lost confidence in the tires and think I should probably replace the 4 "old" tires.My thought was to move the 2 "new" tires to the front and buy 4 new tires for the rear. One of the Discount Tire guys suggested I get Michelin XPS Rib tires instead of the Defender LTX. I'd appreciate thoughts about what might make sense to do in terms of brand, model, and replacement strategy. Thanks in advance
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