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  1. We have a Newmar Dutch Star. Propane forced air heat blown into basement. We have a 10" diameter extra water filter installed in basement. The reference to 25 degrees is what was estimated by Newmar customer service. I do not know how low a temperature I need to be concerned about. Hopefully not lower that 25, however nature has its own mind. We are fulltimers and this is our first year. So I am trying to figure things out as I go.
  2. With temperatures dropping, what would be the best way to keep the water system from damage. The easiest way would be to travel south and warmer temperatures. However, that option is not always possible. Should I use light bulbs, heat tape, or heat blankets? I am in a class A with basement storage and extra water filter installed. The heat in the basement will work down to about 25. Then supplemental heat will be necessary.
  3. Would someone tell me how to flat tow a Sienna? I have a lube pump installed but need to know if the transmisson should be in "nuetral" and if the key should be in the "accessory" position or on. The steering wheel has to be unlocked, correct? I cannot get any information from Toyota. Help! Wa;rus
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