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  1. Hi everyone, I am a new member, just arrived From Australia having purchased a 1999 Fleetwood 30 foot Storm with 47k on clock. It has been stored outside in Sonoma since October and batteries have run flat(not unexpected). Anyway, got main battery up and running so can start and move rv ok and once we get on the road, would expect that issue to be resolved quickly. However, I cannot get the Dometic 3 way Auto select refrigerator to fire up on gas. I don't have access to shore power where RV is stored so am wondering if, due to batteries going flat, a relay or similar may have dropped out? The main battery is just capable of starting truck and house batteries are not, I would think, anyway near full charges at this stage. Checking manual, it seems that 12v power is a prerequisite for the fridge to run on any of the 3 supply sources - 12v;110v or gas. Have checked inline valve at rear of fridge is open and can not find any other valve /shutoff at all. Propane supply to rv is fine as we have checked the stove is working. It seems as though gas supply is not coming through to fridge. we have turned unit on/off heaps of times to try and reset to no avail. In house detector has been reset and is working . We have booked into Sonoma County fairgrounds for Friday night( our first night in rv) and am hopeful 12 hours of shore power may get all batteries up to square and enable fridge to run. Any other suggestions?
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