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  1. I’m working with Freightliner right now trying to maybe replace it with a jasper long block . only two places here in Oregon that I can find He didn’t tell me how deep the scored was on the number five wholesale I really don’t know but I don’t understand why I can’t be home in doubt like in a regular car engine I’ve done that before and put oversize pistons back in but then again I’m not a diesel expert
  2. They’re not willing to do that . It’s at a Freightliner dealership right now and they said the only way that I can fix it is to put a remanufactured motor back in it from Cummins and I’ve checked here out here in Oregon I can’t find anybody else to work on it
  3. I been just told that I need a rebuilt engine (2003 Cummins 5.9 L). The coach is a 2004 Damon ultra sport with 49,000 miles on it. I had an appraised at $25,000 since the economy is bad right now but don’t know what to do .is it worth replacing the engine or scrapping it or just letting it sit any ideas out there?
  4. craigc51

    New scan guage

    I will look into that tomorrow thanks
  5. craigc51

    New scan guage

    Just installed a new scan gauge on my 2004 5.9 Cummins diesel . While setting up the gauges I had a code which is 2003 15 127. I’ve cleared it 10 times now and it keeps coming back on every time I start the engine . The engine light never comes on . I can’t find anything online I even called scan gauge and they said they didn’t know anything about a 2003 code . Any help would be appreciated or should I just ignore it .
  6. craigc51

    Bad turbo

    Thanks Rich much appreciated will be picking up my coach this coming Friday after a new turbos installed and will be doing that maintenance now I would assume that they would lube it when they install the new turbo
  7. craigc51

    Bad turbo

    What kind of maintenance needs to be done on the turbo And where do you lubricate and how often
  8. craigc51

    Bad turbo

    What would cause a turbo to go bad with about 46,000 miles on the engine ? I recently took my 2004 Damon with a 5.9 Cummins engine for service and for a check engine light . It came on after starting the engine and and stayed on for about a minute and then we’ll go off . They told me that the turbo was only opening to 25% . Diesel engines aren’t my specialty So I was wondering if there something I did ,lack of maintenance or just driving it wrong . I am the third owner and I’ve had it now for a year and a half and done all the maintenance since I’ve owned it . Didn’t notice anything in performance going down the freeway was fine on flats going up a hill was slow but other than that the mileage seem to be OK just want any insight of what might happen thanks
  9. 1:Navy San Diego bootcamp millington Tennessee A school 2:USS Ticonderoga CVS14 3:USS Hancock CVA19 4:petty Officer Third Class Aviation support mechanic 5 : 1971 to 1975 6:Cambodia and Vietnam
  10. After taking off the top lid to all my tanks and lifting the board up .filled it full water and found the water leak coming out from the sewer vent pipe fitting where it enters the top of the tank . It’s a spin in fitting luckily it’s not polyethylene so I use epoxy on it. While I had everything apart I check all the other fittings to make sure they are all good. After plastic welding the freshwater tank and now repairing the black water tank I hope I don’t have any more holding tank problems
  11. I have a 2004 Damon 3465 model when I’m cleaning my black water tank I fill it to where it’s full and then it starts to leak is there a breather on top of the tank . I’ve checked the top of the tank and there is no sewer vent that goes to the top of the roof only on the gray water it has a vent . Since I’ve owned it I’ve always smell sewer gas in the lower compartments . I filled the black tank with a hose in to the toilet and the water does not come up in the toilet when it’s completely full that’s when it starts leaking out from the black tank but I can’t see where it’s leaking at .
  12. Richard I bought a harbor freight hot air plastic welder . I had enough material on the sensor that was spun weld into the tank to move some of the plastic around where it was leaking . If it leaks again I already ordered some more plastic rod which I didn’t have to start with . The soldering iron one which is 80 W is probably the best to start with you can smooth out any rough spots and holds the welding plastic rod I now feel confident that any repairs on freshwater tanks are holding tanks that I can repair now knowing that these tools can do the job One important thing On buying a hot air welder from Harbor freight read the instructions if not you’ll burn it up. When done turn the heat down to zero and let the blower run for three or four minutes . There are a lot more welders out there for sale the skies the limit on price but for what I have to do and hopefully only needed maybe once it was a good buy. Thanks to all who respond this is one of the reasons why I joined
  13. Where after checking everything online to what I can use I went to Harbor freight and bought a plastic welder and weld around the outside of the sensor which is also polyethylene with the metal sensor in the center . I figured if I did any damage on it I could take it up to Coburg Oregon . there’s a shop that spin welds fittings and sensors onto a new tank he also told me that welding it is the fastest and easiest way . So far so good on the welding no leaks at least I have an option if it does leak I can replace the tank .
  14. I have a small leak on one of the sensors on my freshwater tank and looking for a solution to stop the leak is there any sealant epoxy or any other fix without taking the tank out and replacing it . My understanding is that the sensors are spun in which heat up and bond to the tank
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