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  1. On a recent trip, we had a problem with one of our roof vents. It seems that the vent material had deteriorated to the point that it had failed around the perimeter. The vent would open even though the frame was tightly closed. We have very little experience with RVs as this is our first. We did a quick internet search for RV maintenance facilities in the Twin Falls area that were open on Saturday. We were extremely lucky to find that Bish's RV was nearly on our route toward Sun Valley. Once there we met Mr. Randy Dey and our problems were solved after that. Bish's had the correct replacement part in stock at a reasonable price. Later when I had difficulties understanding how to fit the new part, Randy helped us get the old part off and the new part fitted. He was friendly and could not have been more helpful. Just wanted to let folks know that there are some very nice folks in Twin Falls. Safe Travels and watch out for motorcyclists!
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