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  1. King Aire’s very nice. Are you happy with it? After test drive really like comfort steer.🤔
  2. I took manholt’s advice and called Cummins. Lucky me. The Spartan chassis was built in 04/2010. The ISM Cummins engine was built in 06/2008 and was pre emission. So the engine never had the particulate system on it, which I prefer.
  3. Good advice. Did not know Cummins had that. Thank you manholt.
  4. Yes it is Herman. It just came in yesterday if that is the one you saw.
  5. You are right txicemam. Darn spellchecker trying to help me.
  6. Hello everyone! I have been a member of FMCA for a couple years and have been lurking in the background trying to learn. My wife and I are retiring and looking for a motor home. We found a 2011 Newmarket Essex on consignment with 95000 miles. Ran a car fax on it and see that it has had six different owners. Is this any reason for concern? Also, we were expecting this year model to have a DEF system in it. It does not have DEF. Looked at the exhaust (500 hp Cummins) and do not see a particulate filter either. Could it be possible a prior owner removed the particulate filter? Would this be legal or cause problems down the line for a new owner? We are considering a full inspection including taking engine oil, tranny oil and coolant samples for analysis. The only service records available go back to May 2019. I wish they went back to 2011. By the way, the coach just completed a 1200 mile trip to the consignment dealer, so I guess that is a good sign if it made that trip w/o anything blowing up. Any of your thoughts or advice would be welcome. Thank you!
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