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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Our insurance reads "coverage to your auto other than collision means loss caused by .....contact with bird or animal". Insurance is stretching that to mean "at one time" as an accident and not over a period of time. Our contention is that it could have been a whole pack of rats as far as we know so it could have been at one time or over time. We just don't know and insurance has no way of proving it wasn't at one time. Our big problem is that the rv had been parked with jacks down and slides out. We can't put the jacks up or the slides in with the wiring chewed without risking fire. So, we can't move it or even have it towed to be repaired. It's a big problem that I have no solution at this time.
  2. Has anyone had problems with rodents chewing their rv wiring? We have not been able to travel for a while due to surgeries. Now that we are ready we find that rodents have chewed the wiring underneath the rv. We are currently fighting National General Insurance trying to get them to pay on the repairs, but without much success. Once the repairs are made, I'm sure we will be changing insurance companies. We have been with them for 8 years and no claims so they sure could have done something on it. I find it odd that an rv insurance company doesn't cover such a loss. I'll definitely be looking for a new company that covers it. Does anyone have experience with this and how did you approach it? Thanks in advance. \
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