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  1. Our family is the happy owner of a 41 ft motorhome for the past 4 months!! We have been making small treks across the very flat Florida roads every couple of weeks and will be embarking on our first long trip in just a few weeks. To be exact our trip is 31 nights long, from Tampa to Gatlinburg, to Charlottsville, VA to Washington D.C. and then back down the east coast on the way home. Anyone have any driving advice, especially the Gatlinburg to Charlottsville Route, anything said will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!
  2. Great ideas everyone!! I sure do appreciate all of the advice, especially about "the critters", here in Florida the bugs can get large enough to be pets!!
  3. We have 4 Coach batteries. We managed to drive her home AND back her into the storage spot yesterday!!!! My checklist for storing for the next few weeks until our next trip was the following... dump our black and grey tanks, add 2oz of black tank " liquid " and about 1 gallon of water into toilet and flush, turn off the water pump and dump the water tank, made sure slides were in tight, made sure every light switch was off (who knew there would be so many!!) dumped ice tray and turned off the fridge and propped open the doors, let the air out of the "airbags" closed the window blinds turned off the the main and aux power switches (all 6 of the batteries) Turned off the Invertor Locked her up and kept myself from kissing her goodbye!! Am I missing anything?? I left absolutly no food supplies of any kind, I live in Florida with LOTS of bugs and critters, what else should I do to prevent anything from coming inside?? Thank you for all of your help!! April
  4. We live in Tampa. So far this winter we have had three or four nights below freezing.
  5. I will not have continuous shore power at the storage facility and will probably drive 150 to 175 miles each month, with our diesel tank holding 90 gallons.
  6. We are taking delivery of our very first motorhome this weekend!! Our new vacation home on wheels is a Fleetwood Providence 40x 2008. We will be taking her out at least once every three weeks during the school year and month-long trips during the summer. I would appreciate any advice regarding how to properly store the motorhome in between our trips. We have secured space at an RV storage facility under covered parking. Thank you!!!
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