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  1. Need more help Every time I turn on my gas water heater the breaker in my panel trips when I turn it on the red light comes on but when it goes into ignite mode it trips the breaker
  2. Herman Thanks for the great advise but we will be in the north east coast all of August have a great time Giovanni
  3. My manual awning frame took a big dive after 12 years . Looking to replace it with a shade pro classic eclipse electric any pro’s or con’s on my choice thanks Giovanni
  4. plyberent

    Sumo springs

    Installed roadmaster steering stabilizer the first owner upgraded the shocks
  5. plyberent

    Sumo springs

    Thinking of installing sumo springs on my 2007 ford F53 class A 33’ chassis any thought good or bad if it would be worth the cost thanks
  6. Thank for the info I did the cal to NC I 40 trip back home two years ago after banks installed the headers and cold air intake then up to Maine and Florida several times with no problems all the time towing a Jeep the trans temp never claimed. Did noticed a improvement climbing the mountains my only thought about having the 5 star was improving the shifting . I will have to ask them if they have a program that only improves the shifting. A little side note about the Banks system . I think it did improve the performance to my coach . I traveled all the way to their shop in califorina think they would be the experts to do the install. Big mistake worst workmanship half way home the exhaust pipe system fell apart and the dip stick housing they had to remove then re install leaked oil all ove the engine . My advice is to go to some one else
  7. plyberent

    Sumo springs

    Has any one installed sumo springs on their class A ford F53 front, back or both any improvements. mine is a 2007 33’ fleetwood .
  8. Thanks I installed it my self saved the $ 200.00 plus dollars and it works great just a slight drift to the right when I get back from this trip will adjust thanks again for your help
  9. I have a 2007 Fleetwood fiesta on a ford chassis .i had na Barns cold air induction and headers installed and thinking of installing a 5star computer chip installed has any one installed one and is it worth the cost to improve performance thanks
  10. I have a 2007 fleetwood 33' fiesta on a F53 ford chassis. I spent a long time reading reviews on the Roadmaster steering stabilizer and read nothing but good things about it.I purchased one and brought it to my local mechanic to install it. He shower me several ones he had installed and then the owners had nothing complaints that after driving with it on it caused the coach to pull . They had him remove the stabilizer. He advised me not to install. Can anyone advise me if these were isolated instances or maybe he did not install it correctly. Should I take his advice and return it or find another installer ???
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