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  1. We are on our first long term mooch docking adventure. We are on battery power. We would like to be able to have the generator Auto Start as required, but it does not happen. Now for the details. We are in a 2007 Newmar Dutch Star 4307. We have an Onan 8k generator and a Xantrex inverter with a Xantrex RC/RG control panel. I have been working with Xantrex technical support and we have determined that the wiring is correct. We went to the inverter itself and tested the wiring circuit to the generator start switch. No surprise, it did not work. The tech determined that either the inline fuse(s) are bad or the switch is. It is probably not the switch since the generator will start from the inside dash switch. So the hunt for the fuse(s) has begun. The tech at Xantrex rightfully could not tell me where the fuses are located. I then called Newmar customer service and talked to several very helpful techs. They tried to research the location of the fuses with the available wiring diagrams they could find for 2007 and surrounding years. Unfortunately, they said that in the "old days" Newmar did not do as good as they do today with documentation. They have been unable to help me locate the fuse(s). If anyone has had a similar experience with a older Newmar Dutch Star or any insight to the location of the fuses, we would be appreciative.
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