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  1. I have a mechanic here trying to get my slides to work. We called Dynamax and they sent us instructions, but they weren't clear.
  2. Hi, I just purchased a 2018 Dynamax Isata4 . I had it professionally inspected before I bought it. Everything was working. I drove it about 800 miles home. I haven't moved it in a month since I got home, but have been in it showing it off ! I have put the slides in and out a few times and they worked fine. I have a trip coming up this weekend, so I went out to start stocking it and the slides won't work... It has a red blinking light on the panel that says Faulty code. My auto leveling jacks won't go down. Engine is on, brake is on and it's hooked up to shore power. Any help would be appreciated ! Thanks !
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