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  1. Thank you for all the window replies, just now found them.... : )
  2. Hi! Has anyone used a product called "F11" ? If so is that good for cleaning and wax / coat? Thanks!
  3. Cool ! You are the best.Clear and concise. Ill get on it.
  4. I dont know much about outlets, A/C, D/C, inverters, etc....but im going to learm. Is there a way to designate 1 outlet or two just to run 1 fan at night so as to NOT need to run the generator when there is no hook up?
  5. lol....will do ! Thanks
  6. Hi! lol...yes, Parker Colorado. Appreciate the advice. Any idea on the cost? It is a 04' Discovery 39A
  7. Thanks! Ill contact both.
  8. ok, ill check. I think it is original from manufacturer if that helps. Seems to be fiber glass but I dont know for sure.
  9. Hi! I have many questions, Im a brand new 2004, 39A, Discovery owner. First, what would you think of sealing my roof with Flex Seal and then painting over with white paint? Good idea or no. Thanks, John
  10. Awesome! I am in Parker Co. Please advise. I was hoping to find a fix beyond replacement. Windows seem fine, just at 15yo im sure some seals will fail.
  11. I have a 2004 Discovery. I have double pane windows with the "permafog" in the middle. What can be done to get rid of this? Dangerous reflection and poor visibility.. Thanks John
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