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  1. Solved - Geico RV Insurance has no issue with consignment sale lot. I checked with 7 companies, found only Geico RV policy allows continued coverage if placed at a consignment lot.FYI - Not able to cover on a consignment lot were: Nationwide, Good Sam, Progressive, Invest America/Nevada, Miller/Oregon & Roamly (note: Roamly could have quoted if I was not leaving at a Nevada lot)
  2. Yes I was quite surprised too - they claim never heard of this issue in selling 1000s - quite odd based on numerous forum comments here and elsewhere. Concerns me that they fail to offer for a price, seems an easy way to make a buck for them unless the risk is too high.......... so I may not sell via consignment unless I locate a company. I have sent our quote requests will post if I find a policy.
  3. One issue found out about Nationwide, great FMCA source of insurance is they DO NOT offer any option for if you place unit on consignment. One more thing to consoider if/when you compare companies. I am searching for a company that will write policy for consignment lot insurance. Anyone have any suggestions who to contact? Currently considering placing at NIRV in Las Vegas and sadly they offer none.
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