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  1. We own a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4WD. Owing to the stories about this issue, we went to our local Jeep dealer and found out that FCA has a fix for the issue. Supposedly it affects 2015-2018 / it was corrupted in 2019 they say. They have to put on an "addition" to the wiring harness, they added a fuse in the engine compartment, and a switch in the compartment between the front seats. They have a procedure to follow to get things working properly. We have to do something with the Jeep before we do the things called for in the owner's manual. The fuse they gave us, 10amp, has to be pulled out if leaving the car overnight or an extended period. There is a TSB # 08-029-16 REV. A It is not covered under warranty and was around $313. and that was cheap based on how long FCA said it would take and how long it REALLY took.
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