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  1. jleamont - Thank you for the info! I was wondering if I could use the hooks that I saw on the existing bumpers (most of which around here are aftermarket mods). Good to know. As for luxuries, well I would prefer power windows (can't believe manual crank windows were still being sold in the 2000s!), and AC is a must here in FL. Otherwise most everything else I can get aftermarket (bluetooth, nav, etc...via a new radio system). Seat warmers would be nice, but not really necessary since I don't really plan on driving in the snow anymore. I do prefer leather over cloth (not a deal breaker though), but don't want carpet on the floor....it's a Jeep afterall, I want to be able to hose it out if needed after the dogs have been in it. elkhartjim - I've actually seen up to a 2013 wrangler within my budget and still under 150K miles. I'd prefer under 100K miles though, so that will probably put me at 2011 or older for the price. I'm fine with that. I have a luxury hybrid for my daily driver, so this will be more of a camping/outdoor activity vehicle.
  2. Hi! I've never had a toad before and am considering getting one to tow behind my 'new to me' 2012 Winnebago Via 25T (Mercedes diesel sprinter). I'm looking at Jeep Wranglers, as I will most likely trade in my Honda Ridgeline for the Jeep and then use the Jeep for things I currently do at home with the truck (taking my 3 small dogs anywhere, hauling my kayak and/or bicycle, etc). I know I want an automatic, hard top (for the kayak rack) and probably a 2 door model as I want to keep the weight down. Outside of that, I'm kind of clueless on what model I should get. Are there certain wranglers that are better to tow than others? I'd always heard that the Rubicon is the best, but when I look up features, it sounds like that might be for things I probably won't do, like off-roading. I do want stability when driving in heavy storms (home base is Florida) and like to have 4WD for better traction. Since I'm going to trade my Ridgeline (and prefer not to kick in any more cash), I will probably be looking at used models in the <$18K price range (do some hold up better in mileage than others??). I see many for sale locally that have lift kits and winches on them....these seem like they would be bad for the tow setup, is that correct? I am also looking for advice on the best towing setup for ease of attaching/detaching. I'll be doing this by myself so whatever is simple and less time consuming (yet also safe) is preferred. Definitely going to flat tow, as I don't want to deal with parking an extra trailer. Thanks in advance for your input!
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