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  1. Throughout multiple coaches and towed vehicles, the BluOx cable/surge system has been almost faultless. The company's service has been exceptional. I highly recommend them.
  2. Rich, Tried that already, with no results. Thanks
  3. Before purchase of my 2010 GMC Yukon Denali Hybrid, I consulted the FMCA guide, and the vehicle's manual, both of which say it is towable. However when I tried it, the steering wheel locks. After much research by a dealer, he found #PIT3673F published April 14, 2011 that states "This PI was superseded to show that the column lock models CAN NOT be dingy towed. Please discard PIT3673E."..... "The owner's manual may not comprehend if the vehicle is equipped with a steering column lock,...." After contacting Government Motors for a "fix," they essentially said #@$%&*! I have successfully defeated the lock by opening the column, removing the steering wheel, etc., and removing the engagement portion of the mechanism. I will be happy to help anyone with the same problem: It can be done with hand tools, using proper precautions for the airbag.
  4. I just had a very disconcerting problem: I purchased a 2010 Yukon Denai Hybrid after reading the owners manual and FMCA towing guide to be certain that it can be dinghy-towed, but cannot get the steering to stay unlocked unless the key is in the ACC position (This results in a dead battery.) or the engine is left running (This provides too much braking, as the power brakes are activated.). The worst of this is that when I sought service to fix the problem, I was notified of the service bulletin # PIT3673F. This states that only certain models do not have a column lock. There must be other owners out there in this situation. I have mounted a base plate, brake lines, lighting, etc. to my vehicle that now cannot be towed as advertised.
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