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  1. I did not try to restart. Thought it best to get to a shop to minimize risk of further damage.
  2. Engine temperature was normal. Temp gauge on the Cayman does not show in degrees, so engine was same as it has been for as long as I can remember. Not sure how to read EGT on this rig.
  3. Monaco cayman 2006 Cummins ISB. Returning from Florida to Atlanta. Noticed first check engine light came on, then loss of power, then tremendous white smoke then fire coming from exhaust. Managed to shut down engine and coast into parking lot. Tow device not available til tomorrow (Monday) only thing different is first time I used Power Service cetane booster. I’m in Avon Park , FL. ( 40 miles south of Orlando) need recommend diesel service and thoughts on what causes this. Thanks in advance Jim McVea
  4. Thanks to all for the suggestions.The tech I mentioned I my original post says he uses the ladder technique when they don't have access to a fork lift. I saw a YouTube video on line of guy sliding the unit up the ladder.This situation was a camper trailer which is not quite as high as the Monaco. again, thanks to all for your suggestions. Jim
  5. Okay folks, new to FMCA and this forum. I have an 06 Monaco Cayman. Looks like the front AC is shot (original unit). Unit comes on, compressor runs but no cooling. Pulled the cover off and noticed traces of oil on the refrigerant lines. I am pretty handy and could easily replace the unit myself, EXCEPT getting the old unit off the top and the new unit up there! I've received estimates of $1600 to 1900 to replace it from some of the local RV shops. The new unit is about $850 on amazon. One tech in a campground told me it should take no more than a couple of hours. Question is, are there any bright ideas of how to get the unit up there short of hiring Shaquille O'Neal or the Incredible Hulk OR is anyone aware of the local guy that would come out to my home and replace the unit. I live in North Atlanta. Tried a mobile RV service and he is booked up for the foreseeable future. Thanks in advance, Jim
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