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  1. I have a 2015 Fleetwood Providence. I have the 400D Aqua Hot. On the electric side, hot water and electric heat to Zone 3 work fine. When engaging the Burner Switch, light comes on, blower comes on, however, I do not hear ignitors, no smoke from the exhaust and no smell of diesel. After about 30 seconds the light goes out on the Burner Switch. I would surmise, that with no ignition (popping sound) and/or smell of diesel, this may be electrical. I am getting ready to take to dealer, any last minute suggestions. Tank is full, there are no red lights on the panel. Thanks
  2. Have purchased a 2015 Fleetwood 42M and reside in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I have had my motorhome assessed but there appears that no one knows what the millage rate is, or what the approximate tax liability will be incurred come tax time. I have been to the website, and that part of the assessments is under construction. If there are any persons who have any knowledge of this, I would appreciate some direction.
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