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  1. Thanks for all the reply's. Had to have emergency hand surgery and can only type with my left hand thus the late response. we will drive a super c asap but feel that unless the ride is to rough my wife thinks she will be more comfortable driving the super c, assuming it handles crosswinds much better. A tag would be nice but too big for our parking space and too much $$$. Thanks again. Robert
  2. We currently have a 2014 Tiffin 33AA. My wife & I love the coach except for one concern. Crosswinds can sometimes make for an exhausting day of driving. We had Henderson's in Oregon add various suspension up grades which significantly helped but my wife will still drive only in light to no winds. I have developed some problems with my hands which makes it difficult to drive for more than a few hours. I have never driven a Super C but have been told that they are more like driving a large SUV and that unless winds are above 25 mph handling is not affected as much as it might be in a similar size Class A coach. Our two questions are: 1) How does a Super C handle/ride and 2) how maneuverable is it? Our couch is 35ft long and we can drive it down a slight hill and turn it around to back in our MH garage at home. We are currently looking at an Entegra Accolade which fits are price point. Comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks. Robert
  3. RJEJ

    Dually Valve Stems

    I worked with Bill Falkenborg at Borg Supply and determined the kit for the rear wheels is DL3FC. The hand holes on my 19.5 wheels measure 21/4 x 41/4. Also, he is making stems for the front wheels. He is very helpful and can be contacted at 818-352-8717. RJ
  4. RJEJ

    Dually Valve Stems

    Thanks. Think I found a truck/tire shop in Ft Worth that can handle it. RJ
  5. RJEJ

    Dually Valve Stems

    "How about waiting till it warms up?!! You need to do an actual measurement to get the correct size and shape" Thanks for the suggestion. The main reason for my post was to avoid a long drive to the coach and not so much the cold weather. Also, I would think all 2008 Ford 19.5 wheels are most likely the same and would really like to have someones measurements to eventually compare to mine. But again thanks for the thought. RJ
  6. RJEJ

    Dually Valve Stems

    Today I tried to order the Dually Valve Stems for our 2008 32LA Ford chassis and was asked the following questions. 1. What is your wheel size? 19.5" 2. What is your Inner and Outer wheel type? (Ex. I-Steel, O-Steel; or I-Steel, O-Aluminum; or I-Aluminum, O-Aluminum) 3. We need to determine the stabilizer shape and size. What is the shape and size of the hand holes on the wheel? (Not the simulator cover) Ex. Oval or Round Ex. 3" x 1-1/4" or 2" I had already told them the wheel size, 19.5, so not sure why they asked again. Hoping for some help with questions 2 & 3. The wind chill here is in the teens and I really don't want to get out of a warm home and drive to the coach to take these measurements. Just too cold for a Texan. Thought someone might have already done this so any help with questions 2 & 3 will be greatly appreciated. Thanks RJ 2008 Tiffin Allegro
  7. We are getting ready to build a concrete pad on which to park our 33 ft Allegro, weight, 21,000 pound MH. I'm guessing that a 6-8 inch thickness should be sufficient but not sure if that is enough for the jacks. Also, to save some $, the pad will only be under the tire and jack area. I know there needs to be a moisture barrier and will place a thick rubber liner between the pad and the tires. Suggestions and comments appreciated. Thanks, RJ 2008 Allegro 32LA, Ford Scion Xd Toad
  8. Thanks for all the good info. RJ
  9. Brett, From our home in Weatherford it is 322 miles which is a little too far for us in one day. We will try and find a park near enough to Houston so we can time about a noon passage through Houston. We are not locked into Marina Bay and is expensive. Any suggestions. We looked at Galveston but didn't find much there and the wife thought the Kemah area and RV park looked interesting.
  10. Thanks Brett. I called Marina Bay RV and they said the same thing. Not bad if we time it to go through Houston around noon. However this means we will probably try to stay outside of Houston and drive in the next day rather than making the trip in one day. Any suggestions on RV parks along I-45, say 75 miles or so out from Houston. Also, any knowledge about Marina Bay RV park? Thanks for your help, RJ
  11. We will be going next week to the Marina Bay RV park in Kemah, TX (south of Houston), but really don't want to drive through Houston on I-45 but might not be too bad if we time it right. However, it looks like we can take I-45 and then go east by Pasadena on the outside loop, pickup I-45 again to Kemah, or come down through College Station, into the west side of Houston, getting on the W Sam Houston Tollway and then intersect with I-45 on into Kemah. My choice would be through College Station, avoiding I-45 but not sure if that would be the better route and also know that sometimes MH's pulling a toad can be hit with heavy tollway fees. Suggestions appreciated. RJ
  12. RJEJ

    Generator Oil

    Thanks but it's about 40 miles to FWT for us. RJ
  13. I am planning to change the generator oil on our Onan 7000 (gas). It has approx 120 hours on it. The last change the shop used Onan 15W40 oil. I plan on using a major brand of oil, 15W40, but not Onan since I would have to drive about 40 miles from where I live to buy Onan oil. I do have an Onan filter which I will use. However, I am wondering if I should change to a synthetic or a synthetic blend. We don't use the generator much but I do follow Onan's recommendations and exercise the generator monthly. Since all has worked well so far I probably will stick with just the regular oil but will appreciate comments on changing to synthetic or a blend. Thanks, RJ
  14. Last year we traveled from Fort Smith, AR to Checotah, OK on I-40 and then Checotah to Sherman, TX on Highway 69. The roads in places were so rough that our TV vibrated loose. Can anyone give an update on the current road conditions? Thanks, RJ
  15. We are towing an 08 Scion XD behind our 08 Allegro and getting ready to replace the Scion's 195/60R/16 OEM tires. However, there seems to be limited tires in that size, so far the only one I’ve found is a Bridgestone Turanza, which I don’t want to use since it is the OEM and hasn’t done too well. There are other tires such as a 205/55/16, a 215/60/16, a 215/55/16 and a 225/50/16 which according to Discount Tire will fit the Scion. I guess these are considered to be low profile tires? My question is will using one of the optional tires adversely effect the angle of the tow bar or cause me any problems towing the car? Comments and thoughts appreciated. Thanks, RJ
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