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  1. Hello Folks: Well it took pressurizing the system to find the leaks. There wasn't just one but about 10 different leaks that were difficult to find and only obvious as the various leaks were repaired. It wasn't cheap but it did get the job done. Thanks for all your suggestions and help. Shawn
  2. Wow! lots of good advice. To clarify. The heater coolant and engine coolant is all one system. I have a metal pressure tank (checked for leaks) already but have never tried pressurizing the tank. The smell is mostly in the coach. It is strong in two locations, at the steering wheel (front of coach) and in the bathroom (back of the coach). It is a rear engine bus-like coach. Interestingly, there is almost no smell in the basement. Thanks for all of your thoughts and suggestions. Shawn
  3. Hello, folks. I am hoping to get some new ideas to solve a problem that I have been chasing for several months. We recently replaced the pumps that circulate coolant through our hydronic heating system. The heater and system work very well. However, since replacing the pumps, I have smelled coolant when the system heats up or when the engine heats up (all part of the same system). I know I am loosing some coolant. However, based on the measured loss, the leak is very small. I have cheeked every logical place for the leak and simply cannot find one. I even hired a professional who could not find the leak. I have checked al the obvious connections, hoses that I can see and taken apart some of the storage areas. What is worse, there are no puddles in the coach, under the coach or tell-tail leak trails. By the way, we have a 1997 Country Coach Affinity. I would welcome any thoughts that you might have or ideas on how to track the leak down. Thanks Shawn
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