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  1. I Did a lengthy response, but it did not show up So I signed in and will post again. F346679 DO NOT PURCHASE FMCA EMERGENCY ROAD SERVICE. Had a blowout from debris in Georgia and got little to no help from FMCA. Their rep said I will try and find someone to FIX the tire. FIX THE TIRE@!!!!!!!!! the tire was shredded. We had a spare, but they COULD NOT find someone to help us. Finally HWY Patrol in Georgia fixed it for us. Next day, another blow from debris in ALabama. Roads are full of it. Seen lots of blowouts along the way . Our spare was used!!!!! Called FMCA again, worthless. Said they exhausted all efforts to find us help because we didn't have a spare and all they do is change out the tire with a spare. Called 911 as we were in a very busy 70 mph area. They connected us with HWY patrol in ALabama who provided 4 service companies of which one 1. found us a tire and rim 2. came out and did the changeover 3. were courteous and professional 3 B,s Wrecker Service in Boligee Alabama. 4 HOURS STRANDED ON I20. I am now hoping that I can get FMCA to at least cover the cost of the tire changeover. Bought two years service ...... what a waste. BTW they couldnt find a campground for us. Good thing for RVPark Reviews. Just want your money........don't care about YOU
  2. The provider that holds the contract should certify the people who do the work for you. When they are ill trained, the outcomes are bad. FMCA Road Service left us stranded two days in the row with 2 blowouts due to road debris. Worthless Service. Avoid FMCA Emergency Road Service Everyone
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