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  1. sgtjoe

    Inverter Died

    Thanks for all the suggestions and help. My new one will be here Tuesday. Same as before after having discussions with a few RV Techs.
  2. sgtjoe

    Inverter Died

    Had a discussion with the RV Tech who located the dead Inverter. He suggests I replace the current inverter with the same, a MSW. That's what I'll do. He was surprised that the Inverter was the original one from the factory.
  3. sgtjoe

    Inverter Died

    What's the difference? What else would I need to change to install a PSW?
  4. sgtjoe

    Inverter Died

    DUH ME, thanks. Loving the Golden years lol
  5. sgtjoe

    Inverter Died

    What's the CB? You could smell burnt wire. He checked the wires with his meter and it was only putting out about 55v. I reset the two breaker switches.
  6. sgtjoe

    Inverter Died

    My Freedom 2000 Inverter quit. On early morning Jan 1 around 2:30 am my tv above the dash flashed and then my fan in the bedroom quit. I lost all electrical power on the drivers side of the MH plus the TV over the front windshield and the microwave which sits on the passenger side. My residential fridge next to the microwave works off the shore power. After several days trying to find the problem I called a RV Mobile Tech and in less then 15 mins he located the problem after finding that the microwave plug was only putting out 55 v. It was the Inverter. When we opened the compartment you could smell burnt wire. He said I could get one on Amazon cheaper then he could from his distributor (nice Guy) so I ordered the exact same model ($1000. plus taxes). Now I'm worried what caused this problem=20 year old inverter, or damaged wire down line or did a pack rat chew a wire a few weeks earlier at the Fam Camp at Fort Hauchuca in Sierra Vista AZ. Sure hate to install the new one and lose it. Any thoughts as to what may have caused the Inverter to quit??
  7. Which RV handles best in windy weather and 18 wheelers passing you and then pulling over in front of you Motorhome, Pull Trailer or 5th Wheel???
  8. Talked to the dealer today. Continental says that it is the different size tire, plus the thicker rubber and that I am at a lower altitude. 20 psi increase is nothing to be concerned about. When I hit 20psi in the two tires, they never went any higher. They said if my weight is correct then to stay at the 100psi. We will see what happens when I head home and the elevation is a little higher.
  9. Got a lot of different thoughts on this. This morning I called the Dealer I purchased them from and he is going to contact the Continental Engineers and get back to me on what they might have to say. When I get an answer I'll post it. Today on my trip from Sierra Vista, AZ to Gila Bend, AZ the highest PSI was 118 on my TST Monitor, starting cold psi was 100, outside temps were 60 degrees. Tire temperatures never went above 78 degrees.
  10. If I raised the PSI from 100 to 110 would this affect the 20 psi increase on the road?
  11. My cold PSI is 100. My Michelins were 235/80R 22.5 and these Continentals are 255/70R 22.5. They are a little shorter then the Michelins, but not enough to affect my speedometer. The width is less then 3/4" difference then the Michelins. These were installed by a major Trucking dealer.
  12. I recently bought Continental 255/70R 22.5's for my Tradewinds, it has always ran Michelins but none were available. I'm traveling from Southern Utah to Southern Arizona and am running 100psi in all 6 tires. I have a TST TPMS that I've used since TST first started that monitors each tires temperature and psi. The 100psi goes up to 120psi going down the road at 65mph. Outside Temps were running high 50's/60's. The Michelins never went up this much. I don't think they ever went more then 6-8 psi, even in 108 outside temperatures. My Honda CRV tow vehicle only gains 2 to 4 psi and these are with Continentals also. My old Michelins were 14 ply and the new Continentals are 16 ply, could this be the cause??? Is there anyone on here who is running the same size Continentals with a Tire Pressure Monitor System that monitors PSI and Tire Temps?? One more thing my Tire temperatures were running a few degrees above the outside temps. The tires were not hot at all, only problem is the 20 degree rise of the psi. Thanks, Sgtjoe
  13. Is this a common thing with the freightliner chassis that my tradewinds has?
  14. I was having new tires installed on my MH when I saw that one of the rear shocks was damaged. It looks like the shaft connected at the top of the frame was pulled out of the shock and was bent at the top of the shaft.Has anyone else ever experienced this same problem? The shocks are Bilsteins. The chassis is a freightliner. What could have caused this? Is it possible that the leveling jacks could have done it by being set too high?
  15. Now that is interesting, I learned from the first residential fridge, Magic Chef, that the owners manual said not to be installed in a RV. So I returned it and saw the Haier, I sent an email to Haier asking if it would work and be covered under warranty in my MH. They replied saying yes, so I bought it and an extended warranty. I keep a copy of their response saying YES along with all the fridge paperwork in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge freezer.
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