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  1. Thanks for the quick response Herman.
  2. Looking for suggestions on cleaning screens in my RV. They show streaks, I cleaned with 409, spray on and lightly wiped, they still come out streaked. I'm afraid to scrub them to heavily. Any ideas/suggestions?
  3. I replaced the window glaze on all windows on 2000 Four Winds MH; now the windows are very tight and have sliding them. Any suggestions for a lubricant?
  4. It is a strip of plastic fitting the horizontal metal trim. Measures just a bit less than 3/4", so I think I need at least 7/8" or 1" width. Thanks for response.
  5. Looking for source for Trim Insert. I have a 2000 Four Winds Class C motorhome.
  6. I found glazing bead at Pelland Enterprises at www.pellandent.com. I want put ew seal around the window frames. Looking for suggestions what to use and how to do it. Thank You
  7. Rich, " Thank you for responding. I am referring to windows in coach, I would like to replace seals between sidewalls (have to take window out to replace) and rubber seals around the glass, I think called glazing bead--I saw this on youtube--you will see in a picture where corner has pulled away from frame. I'm not sure the Thor model--it is a Four Winds built by Thor. I have only one window leaking but would like to reseal all windows if I can find supplies and afford it. Measurements of windows are as follows: 1-55" X 26"; 2-49" X 30"; 1-30" X 16"; 2- 61" X 30". That's a total of 6 windows. I'll try to attach pics of full window and a corner where rubber has pulled away from frame. Francis
  8. I have a 2000 Four Winds Class C (built by Thor), I need to fix leaking windows. Does anyone have advice what type of seal to use, and where to find seals and glazing bead for the windows at a cheap cost?
  9. Recently purchased Four Winds RV. Have Samsung flatscreen TV, with Sony sound system, and Insignia DVD/tape player. I'm using antenna for tv but want to switch to cable at RV park. I have 3 remotes (1 for each unit) and I'm electronically challenged. Can anyone tell me what buttons to use to switch from antenna to cable, please? Francis Shafer, Overland Park, KS
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