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  1. We really like the Wii dash cam I found on Amazon for under $50. It records new 3 minute segments for up to 8 hours, then starts over. It will mark any segment that senses an impact, like most dash cams. It also has its own WiFi hotspot,so you can view or download any segments to your cell phone or laptop, after loading the app. You can email it text both videos and photos from the app. It also allows you to shorten video segments, to allow faster emails.. We loved this feature driving thru Utah and Colorado mountains last year. Recorded some very scenic videos, which was a bonus, because I bought it to record the fools that love to cut us off most every trip. Cheap insurance to prove who did what. Video and still photo quality is very good. I can read tag numbers of vehicles as well as see which traffic light color is lit. The recorded view is a almost 180 degrees left to right and from pavement to above overhead freeway signs, all readable, as are company names of passing trucks. I mounted the dash cam at the bottom middle of our Class a windshield, between the wipers. Power is either USB or 12v plug. Very rough roads can affect the quality, that was rare. I think most dash cams have these features and ours had held up well for 20k miles. Steve Walsh
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