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  1. Thanks for confirming that the inability to renew is not just "me".
  2. My membership expires in 6 days. Log on to the membership page and there is no way to renew. Why can I not see a place to renew?
  3. Are the side window magnets mounted inside like the front shade or are they on the outside? If they are on the outside, how much do they stick out?
  4. Not only is the TV a disposable item, it's unlikely that I will ever watch it (except mine is needed to set up the Wally). I've never been one to lay in bed and watch the boob tube. You mentioned a suppression system. As my wife pointed out, I just spent nearly $3k doing a 120k service on our toad plus 4 tires. So why grumble about a fire suppression cost? She already knows that with her artificial knee and hands that cannot grasp she isn't going to be going out that window. Does that system cover only the engine or the whole interior of the coach? And what about suffocation? I am familiar with in place halon and/or co2 systems and these are not systems one can use and expect to breath. I guess perhaps it alarms prior to release and hopefully give one enough time to find the latch on the main door? I did watch all of Moonwink's links. That one solid frame ladder looked interesting so I'm gonna see if I can locate one of those. The video didn't have any specifics.
  5. Thanks everyone for the excellent replies to my query. It's unlikely that I would go so far as a fire suppression system but I have thought about it. I'm not so worried about exiting in a rollover or collision, although nothing to be casual about, but it's a fire that will require a rapid, no-thinking automatic response. I expect in other situations, unless a medical emergency is involved, there is more time to deal with getting out. And yes, I will need to do a few practice dry runs once I come up with a solution. I found the comment about the bedspread to be insightful. I was thinking towel which is obviously inferior. My concern with a folding ladder is that it will lay against the side of the RV and possibly prevent getting a good foot hold. But I have not yet checked the suggested links to look at the products. I didn't measure the window length but the TV is 32" diagonal so the length is probably about 28 inches. It looks wide enough but looks can be deceiving. I know belly down is the way to go but my concern is how to get in that position, the picture does not show it very well, but the tv is mounted to the face of a cabinet structure that extends into the room more than a foot. So little room for getting up onto the flat surface under the tv and in front of the window. Maybe I need to install a grab bar across the top of the cabinet at the inner edge. Thanks for all the links, I will check them all out.
  6. My Tiffin (37ft DP) has a 16" tall emergency exit window in bedroom that drops, no hinges. It is 7+ ft off the ground. And it is above a cupboard so maybe 3ft off floor. My wife & I are in our 70's. I don't see this emergency exit as being practical at our age. I need a good idea about how to navigate getting through this window and safely to the ground in the event of a fire in the forward part of my coach. There is a TV mounted into a fairly sturdy frame, I am thinking of putting a handicap handhold mounted horizontally under the TV (even with the top edge of the window). That would provide something to hang onto while wiggling out.....maybe. But then there is the drop to the ground. There must be a better solution to get out in case of a fire. Thoughts?
  7. OP here. I didn't know Blue Ox sold a screen. Thanks for the comments, I have found all to be useful and worth consideration. The Wrangler I will tow is a stock '09 but it was well treated by the prior owner and front end looks pretty good. Since I have a full width shield mounted in the rear and a Blue Ox setup I'll review all these comments again & put a few miles under my belt before deciding. Thanks.
  8. Towing a jeep wrangler. I've seen a number of comments on the web regarding damage from rocks, etc. My Tiffin DP has a large shield hanging in the back but I doubt it can get provide more than minimal protection. The jeep has an 'open' style radiator grill so I see the possibility of rocks passing through the grill and hitting the actual radiator fins. What about the windshield? A jeep aftermarket shop suggested some sort of coating rather than hassling with a vinyl bra which may buff the paint underneath it. Looking for suggestions.
  9. Thanks for this tip. I've already lost one lug nut cap somewhere along the line. I guess losing covers is more common than I thought. There is a lot of new stuff to learn.
  10. jon48

    air tank purge

    The engine is an ISB 6.7 360HP. jleamont: thanks for great info, especially on the straight pull of valve. My interest in these cables is that I am required to have a non-commercial class B drivers license and part of the test will be pulling these cables. It's good to know that the sideways pull may cause a reseating issue.
  11. Yes, confirming that my wrench fits perfectly on the rear dually hub. I've been puzzling over this one for many months. As I turn it there is a click as each flat passes by and the cover is noticeably looser. Because it clicks I don't know if I must keep turning it or if the click indicates it's as far as needs to turn. Or is the click an indication of tightness where I should tighten or loosen 'x' number of clicks? I don't want to mess with it until I know how it is supposed to work.
  12. Top hats. OK. Just looked and never noticed before that the center part is a hex. That is probably exactly what it is. THANKS.
  13. There is no part number, if there was I would have searched using that. Maybe it is related to the rear axle dually. That is a rather large hub cover and I have never tried to figure out how it is removed.
  14. The ID is 2-7/8" across, flat to flat.
  15. The chrome cap prys off. It is flush mounted with spring clips. I'll have to pull that cap off an look again. There is an oil filled hub underneath that cap but maybe there is more to it than I remember from my last look. thanks.
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