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  1. All, Our coach is a 2014 Discovery with the ISC Cummins. We have owned it for 4 years now and i have been fighting a coolant and cooling issues since we bought it. I had a few instances of the coach overheating and going into limp mode. Cummins diagnosed the fan Clutch and this resolved the Overheating issue. I've also been loosing coolant over time. First we found a crack in the Overflow Reservoir so we replace that. Problem continued. Then we replaced the engine oil cooler. Problem continued. Then we replaced the EGR Cooler. Still loosing coolant. Today, I went to start the coach and got the low coolant warning. I checked the reservoir and it was empty. I checked the oil level and it is really high on the dipstick so I'm thinking the coolant is still getting into the engine oil. Not good. Cummins of Houston has done all the work so far and I've lost confidence and quite frankly I'm tired of paying their absorbent service prices. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good Diesel repair shop in Houston? Someone that works on large trucks and Motorhomes.
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