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  1. Found the answer today wolfe 10 the unit has no transfer switch:youcalled it there is a receptacle inside the receptacle cord box I guess I can't scold the yungins for not finding something in front of their noses Thanks to all for their input on this Ken Oh generator is putting out 120 volts per my meter
  2. Guys I got under it earlier today . Followed the wire from generator , lead to 4X4 box underside of floor ,went inside kitchen cabinets leads under shower stall toward rear bedroom where power center is under foot of bed Will check for power at first junction box tomorrow and go from there weather permitting Thanks for the help Will post when I get more info Thanks Ken
  3. Thanks Wolfe 10;checked and have neither Will have to get underneath when it warms up and I can get it up on Ramps I appreciate the advice
  4. Does anyone know if this unit would have the automatic transfer switch It has an Onan3600 KY generator Just got this MH and trying to do what I can to get the "bugs" out of it Generator fires up but no coach power, Too cold for these old bones this time of year Any help appreciated TIA Ken
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